Winnipeg, MB Asian Restaurant

( 473 Reviews )
Mama's Noodle House Logo

Mama's Noodle House

Asian Restaurant

141 McPhillips St Winnipeg, MB R3E 2J8
Lightning McQueen

Noodles noodles noodles

( 166 Reviews )
Khao House Logo

Khao House

Asian Restaurant

625 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3B 2G4

Food was good, service was great. very friendly staff.

( 214 Reviews )
Wok Box - Kenaston Logo

Wok Box - Kenaston

Asian Restaurant

1580 Kenaston Blvd #170 Winnipeg, MB R3P 0Y4
Lorilee Scharf

Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 4/5 Recommended dishes Ginger Beef, Pad Thai Parking space Plenty of parking Parking options Free parking lot More

( 58 Reviews )
Yunshang Rice Noodle(Winnipeg)云尚米线 Logo

Yunshang Rice Noodle(Winnipeg)云尚米线

Asian Restaurant

2740 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg, MB R3T 2H7
Gwen Yeung

Food : 5/5 | Service : 4/5 | Atmosphere : 4/5 More

( 6 Reviews )
Bahay Kubo Restaurant Logo

Bahay Kubo Restaurant

Asian Restaurant

48 Albert St Winnipeg, MB R3B 1E7
Len Eau

Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 Recommended dishes Ube Cheesecake Lumpia, Longganisa Lumpia, Filipino BBQ Pork Belly Skewer, Chicken Inasal Bao More

( 245 Reviews )
Wok Box - Crestview Logo

Wok Box - Crestview

Asian Restaurant

185-3393 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3K 2G7
Fusion Lps

Funky little place. Good food and fast service.

( 89 Reviews )
Cookatoo's Restaurant Logo

Cookatoo's Restaurant

Asian Restaurant

1069 Sargent Ave Winnipeg, MB R3E 0E6
Bryen Lebar

Seafood soup best broth I have tasted yet in the Peg....will definitely check out the rest of the menu. Great service as well !!

( 96 Reviews )
Chosabi Portage Logo

Chosabi Portage

Asian Restaurant

520 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G2

Ive eaten by delivery a handful of times. This is some of the best food Ive had in Winnipeg. Tastes fresh, and the service is very good. I always get a sushi burrito. (I ... more

( 84 Reviews )
That Stir Fry Express Logo

That Stir Fry Express

Asian Restaurant

1220 St Mary's Rd F Winnipeg, MB R2M 3V6
Erick Garcia

Food : 4/5 | Service : 4/5 | Atmosphere : 3/5 More

( 45 Reviews )
Kyu Snack Box Logo

Kyu Snack Box

Asian Restaurant

260 Henderson Hwy Winnipeg, MB R2L 1M2
Micheline Girouard

Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 4/5 More

( 414 Reviews )
Chosabi King Logo

Chosabi King

Asian Restaurant

100 King St A Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P6
Marie Lee

Amazing!!! The Chosabi Burrito is so worth it, everything tasted fresh and their Iced Vietnamese Style Coffee is strong and tastes great

( 270 Reviews )
Palatal Stir Fry Express Logo

Palatal Stir Fry Express

Asian Restaurant

2230 McPhillips St Winnipeg, MB R2V 3C8
Lee Long

I love the food! Wanted to go there today. When will u be open?