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Port-Daniel Gascons Logo

Port-Daniel Gascons

City Government Office

494 Rte 132 Port-Daniel, QC G0C 2N0
Isabelle Soucy

(Translated by Google) A dynamic place! (Original) Un endroit dynamique!

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Municipality of Low Logo

Municipality of Low

City Government Office

4A Chem. d'Amour Low, QC J0X 2C0
Klein Gauthier

Very helpful. Everyone in the office is dedicated to helping and very friendly. I was house shopping in the Gatineau hills surrounding area and the Municipality of Low wa ... more

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Municipalit de L'Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur Logo

Municipalit de L'Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur

City Government Office

1re Rue E L'Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur, QC G0W 1Y0
Andrea EV1

There is a garden called " jardin Scullion " It is big and they made experimental plant. Also great place to have a little house by lake! Winter is good for snow shoes!

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Markham Small Business Centre (Currently operating virtually) Logo

Markham Small Business Centre (Currently operating virtually)

City Government Office

Inside IBM, 3600 Steeles Ave E 1st Floor Markham, ON L3R 9Z7
Chris Su

MSBC has been a great help! They are a fantastic resource to rely on. Being completely new to the business world, they have boosted my confidence to forge onwards!

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Town of Lynn Lake Logo

Town of Lynn Lake

City Government Office

503 Sherritt Ave Lynn Lake, MB R0B 0W0

(Translated by Google) Just

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Ste-Sabine Municipalite Ofc Logo

Ste-Sabine Municipalite Ofc

City Government Office

185 Rue Principale Sainte-Sabine, QC J0J 2B0

(Translated by Google) I had never bothered to stop at Sainte-Sabine, for me, which was a transit route to Farnham. That day, I walked there! (Original) Je ne m'tais jama ... more

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St-Etienne-De-Bolton Mncplt Logo

St-Etienne-De-Bolton Mncplt

City Government Office

9 Rang de la Montagne Saint-Etienne-de-Bolton, QC J0E 2E0

(Translated by Google) I didn't have to deal with any file at the municipal office, but I found it so pretty! Above all, this notice is to thank you for this access to na ... more

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Municipalit de Saint-Wenceslas Logo

Municipalit de Saint-Wenceslas

City Government Office

1055 Rue Richard Saint-Wenceslas, QC G0Z 1J0
david francoeur

(Translated by Google) Great service, good management, efficient team Thank you (Original) Super service, bonne gestion, quipe performante Merci a vous

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Village de Pointe-Verte Logo

Village de Pointe-Verte

City Government Office

375 Rue Principale Pointe-Verte, NB E8J 2S8
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Municipalit Lac-des-Seize-les Logo

Municipalit Lac-des-Seize-les

City Government Office

47 Rue de l'Église Lac-des-Seize-Iles, QC J0T 2M0
Rob Hyde

Very small municipality with a population of less than 200. Heaven on earth

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St-Adalbert Municipalite Logo

St-Adalbert Municipalite

City Government Office

15 Rue du Collège Saint-Adalbert, QC G0R 2M0
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Pointe-Lebel Municipalite Logo

Pointe-Lebel Municipalite

City Government Office

365 Rue Granier Pointe-Lebel, QC G0H 1N0
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Municipalit de La Visitation-de-l'le-Dupas Logo

Municipalit de La Visitation-de-l'le-Dupas

City Government Office

113 Rue de l'Église Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola, QC J0K 2P0
Jonathan Gagnon

(Translated by Google) Exceptional service from Ms. Priv in urban planning!! Thanks again!!! (Original) Un service exceptionnel de la part de Mme Priv lurbanisme!! Merci ... more

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Municipality of Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis Logo

Municipality of Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis

City Government Office

1 1re Av O Mont-Louis, QC G0E 1T0
Laval Poulin

(Translated by Google) We spent two beautiful days in Mont-Louis. Wonderful place! (Original) Nous avons pass deux belles journes Mont-Louis. Magnifique endroit!

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Rural Municipality of Thompson Logo

Rural Municipality of Thompson

City Government Office

530 Norton Ave Miami, MB R0G 1H0
Spencer Distributors

Great place to be! Awesome community!

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Localit de Radisson Logo

Localit de Radisson

City Government Office

129 avenue des Groseillers Radisson, QC J0Y 2X0
marcel lefrancois

(Translated by Google) I participated in the assembly of the turbines with marine industry, memory of youth (Original) J ai particip au montage des turbines avec marine i ... more

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Rapide Danseur Municipale Logo

Rapide Danseur Municipale

City Government Office

535 Rte du Village Rapide-Danseur, QC J0Z 3G0
Martine Legault

(Translated by Google) Very nice village (Original) Trs beau village

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Municipalit de Petit-Saguenay Logo

Municipalit de Petit-Saguenay

City Government Office

35 Rue du Quai Petit-Saguenay, QC G0V 1N0
Bin Paya

(Translated by Google) I was one of the frog men who built the first quay stage in the years I believe 1956?1957 I stayed at Hotel Cote I really liked your little village ... more

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Burk's Falls Village Office Logo

Burk's Falls Village Office

City Government Office

172 Ontario St Magnetawan, ON P0A 1C0
Rob Hewitt

I reported a tripping hazard in one of the parking lots uptown and the public works department fixed it the same day.

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Édifice Louis-Charland Logo

Édifice Louis-Charland

City Government Office

801 Rue Brennan Montreal, QC H3C 0G4

belle edifice par contre la Gestionnaire du building et sont troll de services pas terrible ...une Franaise qui se la joue mais qui connait rien au domaine genre parachu ... more

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Traffic Operations, City of Ottawa Logo

Traffic Operations, City of Ottawa

City Government Office

175 Loretta Ave N Ottawa, ON K1Y 2J8
Thomas Richter

They work good

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Bylaw Enforcement Svc Logo

Bylaw Enforcement Svc

City Government Office

30 Fort St Winnipeg, MB R3C 1C4
Jeff Smith

I have spoken with a bylaw officer about the early morning garbage pick ups and nothing's changed. Today August 5th at 3:56 a GFL truck woke me up and 4am a waste connect ... more

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Kyle Rae Logo

Kyle Rae

City Government Office

Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5G 1P5
Justin Berry-Gowan

Toronto Will Also Have 88 Ward Boundaries Going To Burlington On Expansion Branford West York South York Northwest York Northeast York Southwest York Southeast York Keag ... more

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Hotel De Ville Logo

Hotel De Ville

City Government Office

1267 Bd du Curé-Labelle Blainville, QC J7C 4K5
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Cesar Palacio Logo

Cesar Palacio

City Government Office

100 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Joe King

I have emailed Councillor Palacio on several occasions and not once did I get a response. I am terribly disappointed by an elected official who does not care to reply to ... more

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Quebec Securite Publique Logo

Quebec Securite Publique

City Government Office

878 Rue de Tonnancour Trois-Rivieres, QC G9A 4P8
Anthony Thornton

This is a service provided by the Gouvernement that helps people re-intergrated back to the world after been incarcerated, sometimes the Judge appointed to your case will ... more

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Habitations Communautaires Logo

Habitations Communautaires

City Government Office

3872 Rue Préfontaine Montreal, QC H1W 2P7
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Bureau Accès Montréal – Saint-Laurent Logo

Bureau Accès Montréal – Saint-Laurent

City Government Office

777 Blvd. Marcel-Laurin Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 2J7
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Ville de Lamèque Logo

Ville de Lamèque

City Government Office

28 Rue de l'Hopital Lameque, NB E8T 1C3
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The Joe Brain Children's Petting Zoo Logo

The Joe Brain Children's Petting Zoo

City Government Office

320-344 Green St Flin Flon, MB R8A 0A1
Philip Andelic

I was slightly worried when the Flin Flon petting zoo was merged with the local prison. Luckily all went well and my children had a great time feeding the arsonists and ... more

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Stanbridge East Town Hall Logo

Stanbridge East Town Hall

City Government Office

12 Rue Maple Stanbridge East, QC J0J 2H0
Nancy De Mtivier

(Translated by Google) Beautiful little village, peaceful and friendly. Some nice shops to visit. We particularly liked the Artovino art gallery. All this on our wine rou ... more

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Otter Lake Municipality Logo

Otter Lake Municipality

City Government Office

15 Av. Palmer Otter Lake, QC J0X 2P0
lucie gagn

(Translated by Google) Thank you so much for the good service on August 6 for two large fallen trees on King Rd. You are effective. Thanks (Original) Merci tellement pour ... more

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Municipality of Kazabazua Logo

Municipality of Kazabazua

City Government Office

30 Chem. Begley Kazabazua, QC J0X 1X0
Patry Ccile

(Translated by Google) Never consult such an interesting site and all the information is updated regularly. Well done, good job (Original) Jamais consulter un site aussi ... more

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Toronto Employment-Social Svc Logo

Toronto Employment-Social Svc

City Government Office

100 Consilium Pl #10th Scarborough, ON M1H 3E3
Ashley Holms


( 4 Reviews )
Centre Recreatif Logo

Centre Recreatif

City Government Office

7650 Bd Maurice-Duplessis Montreal, QC H1E 7R8
Ting-Ming Chen

Great center for plenty of activities for kids. Thank you.

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Councillor Cynthia Lai Community Office Logo

Councillor Cynthia Lai Community Office

City Government Office

1571 Sandhurst Cir Unit193 Scarborough, ON M1V 1V2
Carrie C.

Councillor Cynthia Lai worked hard and devoted much of her time to serve the community. She was involved in many community events /meetings. Being a resident in Scarborou ... more

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Municipalit du Village de Saint-Clestin Logo

Municipalit du Village de Saint-Clestin

City Government Office

570 Rue Marquis Saint-Celestin, QC J0C 1G0
Stephane Guerin

(Translated by Google) A super nice stopping point to take a break. (Original) Un super beau point d'arrt pour faire une pause.

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Town of Salvage Logo

Town of Salvage

City Government Office

Mountianview Rd Salvage, NL A0G 3X0
Robina Anstey

There could be no bad reviews of Salvage, because in all honesty, its a quiet, quaint, historical, bathed in charm, jam packed with all the beauty a tiny coastal town cou ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Bureau Municipal Lingwick Logo

Bureau Municipal Lingwick

City Government Office

72 Quebec Rte 108 Lingwick, QC J0B 2Z0
Alain Jr Chrtien

(Translated by Google) Nice place discovered by chance in the middle of our journey, nice and clean to stretch with the children. (Original) Bel endroit dcouvert par hasa ... more

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Charny usine traitement d'eau Logo

Charny usine traitement d'eau

City Government Office

2000 Av. de la Rotonde Levis, QC G6X 2L8
Etienne Rouleau

(Translated by Google) I don't drink a lot of water, but I drink it, it comes from here! (Original) Je bois pas beaucoup d'eau, mais qu'en j'en bois, elle vient d'ici!

( 3 Reviews )
Brandon City Pound Logo

Brandon City Pound

City Government Office

NE 6-10-19W Brandon, MB R7A 5Y2
chilljud e

Just doing their jobs.

( 2 Reviews )
Municipalit Saint-Samuel Logo

Municipalit Saint-Samuel

City Government Office

140 Rue de L'Église Saint-Samuel, QC G0Z 1G0
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Canada Health Dept Logo

Canada Health Dept

City Government Office

Serving Brochet, MB R0B 0B0


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Municipality of Saint-Didace Logo

Municipality of Saint-Didace

City Government Office

380 Rue Principale Saint-Didace, QC J0K 2G0
philippe lacasse

(Translated by Google) The Muskie River taken from the dam at St-Didace, relaxing, it heralds spring (Original) La rivire maskinong prise du barrage St-Didace, reposant, ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Moose Jaw Sanitary Landfill Logo

Moose Jaw Sanitary Landfill

City Government Office

1802 Caribou St E Bushell Park, SK S0H 0N0
Glassdude Com

Quick and easy

( 4 Reviews )
Municipalit de Saint-Michel-du-Squatec Logo

Municipalit de Saint-Michel-du-Squatec

City Government Office

150 Rue Saint-Joseph Squatec, QC G0L 4H0
Nathan Price

Beautiful city office.

( 3 Reviews )
Village of Dunnottar Administration Office Logo

Village of Dunnottar Administration Office

City Government Office

44 Whytewold Rd Matlock, MB R0C 2B0
( 2 Reviews )
St-Adrien D'Irlande Municipale Logo

St-Adrien D'Irlande Municipale

City Government Office

152 Rue Municipale Saint-Adrien-d'Irlande, QC G0N 1M0
( 18 Reviews )
Arna Marcelin-Wilson Logo

Arna Marcelin-Wilson

City Government Office

11301 Bd de l'Acadie Montreal, QC H3M 2T1
Calliope Melas (Kelly)

Wonderful memories of my children skating and playing hockey.