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The Wonderful World of Sheepskin Logo

The Wonderful World of Sheepskin

Leather Goods Store

250 Dufferin Ave Winnipeg, MB R2W 5J1
Michele Happy

I received my sheepskin coat as a gift over 20 years ago. I still love it today for it's elegant beauty, workmanship and luxurious warmth. I stopped in to have the button ... more

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Warkov-Safeer Leather Ltd

Leather Goods Store

462 Hargrave St Winnipeg, MB R3A 0X5
Cory Cross

One Starstaff were incredibly ignorant and rude. I will take my business elsewhere

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K K Custom Leather Logo

K K Custom Leather

Leather Goods Store

156 Freemont Bay Winnipeg, MB R2Y 1H3
Skot Moat

I purchased the 1 1/2" Acorns & Oak Leaves and the 1 1/2" Floral Eagle and they are stunning pieces. The quality detail and color rich belts are the best I have ever seen ... more

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Saxon Leather Ltd.

Leather Goods Store

310 Ross Ave Winnipeg, MB R3A 0L4