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Focus Taekwondo Logo

Focus Taekwondo

Martial Arts School

800 Point Rd Winnipeg, MB R3T 3L8
Gracelyn Muir

This class is the best decision my mom ever made! My mom and my sister and I all joined the 8 week introduction class and we are heading into week 9 PLUS!! We all feel so ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Evolution Martial Arts Logo

Evolution Martial Arts

Martial Arts School

1170 Corydon Ave Winnipeg, MB R3M 0Z1
Chris Clarke

This was my first martial arts class and found it welcoming of new people, even without previous training. The experience, skill, and personality of Sifu Joel and how he ... more

( 56 Reviews )
Heather Curling Club Logo

Heather Curling Club

Curling Club

120 Rue Youville Winnipeg, MB R2H 2S1
Edward Durham

Top notch

( 28 Reviews )
Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club Logo

Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club

Tennis Club

705 North Dr Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S3
Yasin Sladek

Great tennis club to play at, many courts to choose from.

( 44 Reviews )
The Tee Box Virtual Golf Logo

The Tee Box Virtual Golf

Indoor Golf Course

29 Keenleyside St Winnipeg, MB R2L 1Y7
Cher Mi

Organized a group event, with both new and seasoned golfers - had such a great time! A great place for beginners to learn the basics, without the pressure of being on a l ... more

( 101 Reviews )
Saint Vital Golf Centre Logo

Saint Vital Golf Centre

Golf Driving Range

35 Melnick Rd Winnipeg, MB R3X 1V5
Jay Hallam

$16 for a large bucket and 30-40% of the balls are either cracked or smooth as a cue ball. I used to go a few times a season to this place because it was the closest to m ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Kilcona Outback Disc Golf Logo

Kilcona Outback Disc Golf

Disc Golf Course

1180 Springfield Rd Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2
Tyler Kinnear

Arguably best beginners course in the city as it's not busy and it's pretty difficult to lose a disc.

( 7 Reviews )
Bushido-Kai Canada Logo

Bushido-Kai Canada

Martial Arts School

980 Winakwa Rd Winnipeg, MB R2J 1E7
Michelle Mouflier

Training style is a perfect balance-disciplined but fun, competitive but friendly. It's a great place for young people, feels like a big family!

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Xtreme Tactics Logo

Xtreme Tactics

Recreation Center

551 Ferry Rd Winnipeg, MB R3H 0T5

Good and friendly people. Helped me to understand about guns and suggested best rifle

( 10 Reviews )
Inner City Judo Club Logo

Inner City Judo Club

Judo School

110 Ellen St Winnipeg, MB R3A 1A1
mr giggles

Inner City Judo club is a class to be considered, whether young as child to build discipline, or old to stay in shape for health. The Senseis are very friendly, approacha ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Winnipeg Knightly Arts Logo

Winnipeg Knightly Arts

Martial Arts School

725 Kylemore Ave Winnipeg, MB R3L 1B8

I've been training with WKA for approximately 2 years & the classes have remained one of the highlights of my week. The instructor & senior students did a phenomenal job ... more

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Nintai Dojo Logo

Nintai Dojo

Martial Arts School

720 Henderson Hwy Winnipeg, MB R2K 0Z5
( 57 Reviews )
Canadian Gun Guys Logo

Canadian Gun Guys

Gun Shop

871 Gateway Rd Winnipeg, MB R2K 3L1
jay river

Called with a few questions got the answers I wanted plus more seemed like great guys over the phone can't wait to bring my riffle in

( 12 Reviews )
Meibukan Goju Karate Winnipeg Logo

Meibukan Goju Karate Winnipeg

Martial Arts School

2577 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3J 0P4
Rebecca Foat

My kid just finished her first year in the Little Dragons program at Meibukan Goju Karate, and it was the most wonderful experience for her, and our whole family. It was ... more

( 160 Reviews )
Niakwa Country Club Logo

Niakwa Country Club

Golf Club

620 Niakwa Rd Winnipeg, MB R2J 2X3
Lorne Duncan

Best course in the city and friendly atmosphere. Can't beat it.

( 5 Reviews )
Reeves MMA Logo

Reeves MMA

Martial Arts School

1261 Liberty St Winnipeg, MB R3S 1A5
Amanda Leon

The trainers are very dedicated and they made me feel very comfortable as a women training at an MMA gym. Everybody was very respectful and the lessons are very well taug ... more

( 21 Reviews )
Golfzon Logo


Indoor Golf Course

1045 St James St Unit G Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B1
Dave Beakley

For a winter as long as ours it's great to get some swings in. Pretty realistic reads and a lot of feedback.

( 3 Reviews )
K.S. Cho Taekwondo College Logo

K.S. Cho Taekwondo College

Martial Arts School

5924 Roblin Blvd Winnipeg, MB R3R 0H3
nonopo Htoo

I really loved the place it made me feel like home like where I belong.. is sad that I couldn't go there anymore because is to far from my place but yah master Cho was re ... more

( 16 Reviews )
Robert Lee Martial Arts Logo

Robert Lee Martial Arts

Martial Arts School

315 St Anne's Rd Winnipeg, MB R2M 3B1
arlene evangelista

Great bunch of people

( 10 Reviews )
Sylvan Learning of West Winnipeg Logo

Sylvan Learning of West Winnipeg

Summer Camp

530 Kenaston Blvd #108 Winnipeg, MB R3N 1Z4
Heather Perlov

So far Sylvan has been wonderful for our family. The location is very convenient, and my son really seems to enjoy his time there. He looks forward to going, talks about ... more

( 132 Reviews )
Ralph Cantafio Soccer Complex Logo

Ralph Cantafio Soccer Complex

Sports Complex

900 Waverley St Winnipeg, MB R3T 6A9
Marcelo . Ruffini

Nice fields to play and watch soccer.

( 548 Reviews )
LaserTopia Logo


Summer Camp

1140 Waverley St Unit #5 Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P4
Kayla Reid

I love this place. They're great with my son, who has autism! Great party packages, great staff and super clean!

( 35 Reviews )
Gymboree Play & Music, South Winnipeg Logo

Gymboree Play & Music, South Winnipeg

Summer Camp

1727 Kenaston Blvd #3 Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1V5
Angela Uta

Tried to schedule myself and my baby for a class, and because they had low numbers, they wanted me to reschedule for next week. Being a busy working mom, it's not an opti ... more

( 33 Reviews )
Balance Jiu Jitsu Ltd. Logo

Balance Jiu Jitsu Ltd.

Martial Arts School

1000 Notre Dame Ave Winnipeg, MB R3E 0N3

Been going to balance for about 2 months now. The atmosphere is incredible and I felt right at home instantly. Balance is everything that you'd want in a juijitsu communi ... more

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Evolution Martial Arts Logo

Evolution Martial Arts

Martial Arts School

1370 Grosvenor Ave Winnipeg, MB R3M 0P2
Tim Podolsky

I started training at Evolution a few months ago. I already feel much more confident, and I have a better sense of what strategies to employ in various circumstances. Sif ... more

( 373 Reviews )
Gateway Recreation Centre Logo

Gateway Recreation Centre

Recreation Center

1717 Gateway Rd Winnipeg, MB R2G 4H1
EL Gordo GeZse The Great Gordini


( 142 Reviews )
Investors Group Athletic Centre Logo

Investors Group Athletic Centre

Athletic Field

75 Sidney Smith St Winnipeg, MB R3T 2M6
ken purdy

Divided into 3 volleyball courts

( 296 Reviews )
Winnipeg Soccer Federation South Logo

Winnipeg Soccer Federation South

Sports Complex

211 Chancellor Matheson Rd Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Z2

Not as nice as the WSF North but it still a good place for indoor sports. Small canteen with typical canteen foods..

( 28 Reviews )
GOLFTEC Winnipeg Logo

GOLFTEC Winnipeg

Golf Instructor

1845 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G6
Marques Family

I had always wanted to try a GolfTEC lesson program and finally pulled the trigger this winter. My coach (Colwyn Abgrall) started with a detailed swing evaluation and ov ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Shotokan Winnipeg Logo

Shotokan Winnipeg

Karate School

190 Houde Dr Winnipeg, MB R3V 1C5
Susan Smith

This karate club is top notch! I have been training with Sensei Loreth since the 80s and achieved national, international and world stage results in competition, thanks t ... more

( 16 Reviews )
Sylvan Learning of North Winnipeg Logo

Sylvan Learning of North Winnipeg

Summer Camp

1128 Henderson Hwy #40 Winnipeg, MB R2G 3Z7

Very specific to individual learning needs. Excellent updates and progress report. My son loves going here.

( 504 Reviews )
Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex Logo

Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex

Recreation Center

999 Sargent Ave Winnipeg, MB R3E 3K6
Kourosh Talavari

I thank the ethical staff of this center

( 134 Reviews )
Mihobbies Logo


Hobby Store

1794 St Matthews Ave Winnipeg, MB R3H 0A5
Jeffrey Santos

Super Friendly & awesome service!

( 14 Reviews )
Volleyball Winnipeg Logo

Volleyball Winnipeg

Volleyball Club

1065A Ellice Ave Winnipeg, MB R3G 0E1

Very poorly ran adult league. Games are scheduled on a weekly basis and start times are constantly changed up until the DAY OF your team's game day - sometimes even witho ... more

( 40 Reviews )
U-Puttz Black Light Miniature Golf Logo

U-Puttz Black Light Miniature Golf

Golf Club

423 McPhillips St Winnipeg, MB R2X 2Z8

Went for daughters birthday. The host did an amazing job and made sure our needs were taken care of. Would recommend this place for children's bday party. Earlier in t ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Bujinkan Manitoba Logo

Bujinkan Manitoba

Martial Arts School

88 Sherbrook St #4 Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B3
Andrew Schmidt

There may be others in the province that claim to teach The Bujinkan, but this school is actually under the tutelage of a Japanese trained shidoshi. This particular dojo ... more

( 53 Reviews )


Golf Club

1580 Taylor Ave Winnipeg, MB R3N 2A7
Murray Creran

Nice facilty. Friendly staff. Simulator club distance, spin, etc are very close to the actual on course results. Will return.

( 97 Reviews )
Hackers & Smackers Golf Driving Range Logo

Hackers & Smackers Golf Driving Range

Golf Driving Range

921 Elmhurst Rd Winnipeg, MB R3R 3X8

At $17 bucks for a large bucket it aint exactly cheap, however decent range, and can hit off grass usually. Only annoying item is how this place will just be randomly clo ... more

( 173 Reviews )
The Golf Dome Logo

The Golf Dome

Indoor Golf Course

1205 Wilkes Ave Winnipeg, MB R3P 1B9
Ben Robertson

Good place to practice golf. If you plan to come here regularly, the membership is a good deal.

( 11 Reviews )
Athletes in Action Manitoba Logo

Athletes in Action Manitoba

Summer Camp

1345 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg, MB R3T 2B6
J.J. Zhang

The best basketball camp ever! We definitely will come back! Highly recommend.

( 55 Reviews )
Elmwood Curling Club Logo

Elmwood Curling Club

Curling Club

300 Brazier St Winnipeg, MB R2L 1P3
Joel Parent

Homey comfortable vibe.

( 112 Reviews )
Granite Curling Club Logo

Granite Curling Club

Curling Club

1 Granite Way Winnipeg, MB R3C 0Y9

great for family

( 41 Reviews )
Thistle Curling Club Logo

Thistle Curling Club

Sports Club

280 Burnell Street Winnipeg, MB R3G 2A7

Clean, friendly curling club in the westend. 5 sheets of ice since 1887, apparently on its way out visit while you can!

( 5 Reviews )
Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club Logo

Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club

Soccer Club

10 McGillivray Pl Winnipeg, MB R3T 1N4
Jeffrey Wong


( 20 Reviews )
Winnipeg Rowing Club Logo

Winnipeg Rowing Club

Rowing Club

20 Lyndale Dr Winnipeg, MB R2H 3H2
T Tenbergen

Good exercise and nice and central.

( 19 Reviews )
TRP Academy Tae Ryong Park Logo

TRP Academy Tae Ryong Park

Martial Arts School

95 Scurfield Blvd Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1G4
2000 photos

Stay away, worst place ever. Do not recommend despite the advertised achievements. All they care about is money. Rude and unpleasant owners and staff.

( 6 Reviews )
Whitetail Sports camps and coaching Logo

Whitetail Sports camps and coaching

Summer Camp

835 Beaverbrook St Winnipeg, MB R3N 1N8
taylor purcell

This camp had a great environment for coaches and campers. I feel very lucky to work with the other coaches especially Nick, who has so much to teach the campers in a fun ... more

( 14 Reviews )
Camps with Meaning Office Logo

Camps with Meaning Office

Summer Camp

600 Shaftesbury Blvd Winnipeg, MB R3P 2J1

My 12 yr old daughter loved this camp, it was her all time favorite. She hopes to go back next year :)

( 5 Reviews )
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba Logo

InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba

Summer Camp

360 Main St Unit 13B Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z8
Mike Labun

My kids come back stronger, more mature, community-oriented and willing to help around the house.

( 37 Reviews )
Mini U Programs Logo

Mini U Programs

Recreation Center

420 University Crescent Room 146 Frank Kennedy Centre Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
val san

the kids are rude and the staff are so immature