Subway Station Near Me

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Nap Q

The gent at the ticket booth was very helpful in giving us directions. My son loves riding trains and our experience getting to places was smooth even though we dont spea ... more

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Subway Station

1240 Bay St. Toronto, ON M5R 2A7
Ahtserhs Pidus


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Subway Station

443 Boul Henri-Bourassa E Montreal, QC H3L 1C5


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Pioneer Village Station

Subway Station

Steeles Ave W Concord, ON L4K 4T4
muqtar omar

The Sunway is clean building. With friendly environments.

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Scarborough Centre

Subway Station

290 Borough Dr Scarborough, ON M1P 4P5
Omar Fattouh

Big mall. Many super centers like Walmart. Good maintenance and accessible to public transit

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Subway Station

4520 Rue de Verdun Verdun, QC H4G 1M3
Musah Mohammed

STM Metro Transit

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Jean-Nol Ct

(Translated by Google) This metro station is my favorite. Too beautiful, and well maintained. In addition it is not the green line so not too often breakdowns. (Original) ... more

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Sylvain Parizeau

(Translated by Google) The metro is a bit dirty, there are a lot of homeless people in the metro and the police don't say anything. (Original) Le mtro est un peu sale, il ... more

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Muhammad Hadi Hamid

The new elevators and entrance making the 26th accessible station

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Subway Station

555 Rue Lucien-Paiement Laval, QC H7N 0A5
Acee Jaso

Just recently we moved to our new company building and montmorency is the last station before taking a bus. The place is clean and well maintained. Its near UM, Bell and ... more

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Subway Station

6250 Victoria Ave Montreal, QC H3W 3G4
79 EDM

The station has two entrances. So make sure you find the right one. Its close to many shops restaurants and some parks nearby. Its nice to walk along the main stroad to f ... more

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Abdelali idrissi taghki

(Translated by Google) Subway station (Original) Station de mtro

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Cte Ste-Catherine

Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC H3W 3G6
79 EDM

Cote Saint Catherine is a nice and beautiful station with a nice design and deep underground station. Its close to many housing units and apartments. Its close to a park. ... more

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Downsview Park

Subway Station

25 Vitti St North York, ON
Nancy Barrett

Wide open natural spaces to walk, explore, and watch birds. Climb the hills and see the view.

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Subway Station

263 Dupont St Toronto, ON M5R 1V8
Yash Kakadiya

It was a really great experience

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Subway Station

Serving Toronto, ON
Akhila Kota (akki)

Typical subway station. Maintenance is ok. I wish there are more elevators in this place.

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St George

Subway Station

139 St George St Toronto, ON M5R 2L8

Nice place

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St Patrick

Subway Station

Serving Toronto, ON
Ma shayesteh manesh

Atmosphere is nice

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Subway Station

Serving Toronto, ON
dee L

Just a heads up, people with children with people with disability, there is no way to get downstairs with strollers or probably wheelchairs. Theres no elevators and escal ... more

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC H3A 1T1
Jean-Nol Ct

(Translated by Google) Station not too beautiful. In addition the green line is often stopped. (Original) Station pas trop belle. En plus la ligne verte est souvent en ar ... more

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Samuel Pelletier

(Translated by Google) Station of the line located in the Longue-Pointe district near a few restaurants. (Original) Station de la ligne situe dans le quartier Longue ... more

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St. Clair West

Subway Station

Serving Toronto, ON M5P 3N3
Cirrus Sanofi

Very comfy subway, streetcar and bus terminal under one roof.

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Queen's Park

Subway Station

Serving Toronto, ON
Ansa Sahar


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Subway Station

785 Glencairn Ave Toronto, ON
Giuliano Panizza

Great place, was there recently with Clive and Ema - visiting nearby friends. Top 10 places in Canada imho

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Cody Short

I have lived in Centre Sud for the last ten years and without this mtro station I wouldn't have been able to travel as easy as I do.

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Subway Station

Serving Toronto, ON M6H 4E6
Katrin Clouse

Dufferin is great!

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Marie Geurline Clotaire

On peut se tlporter d'un mtro un autre metro. (Translated by Google) You can teleport from one metro to another metro.

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Sheppard West

Subway Station

1035 Sheppard Ave W North York, ON M3H 2M5
Calaro Junalyn

Love the view...

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Sarah NM

(Translated by Google) Subway accessible. Too bad the escalator is under construction (Original) Metro accessible. Dommage que l'escalier mcanique soit en travaux

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De la Savane

Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
79 EDM

This station has beautiful architecture integrated well into the design. Its nice overall and its a decent station. The cons: No Elevators or accessibility. Its pretty de ... more

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Subway Station

2455 Eglinton Ave E Scarborough, ON
Austin Hooey

This place was always my favorite in my childhood, I didn't mind how loud the train was or how late, the way it looked, the design on every station was amazing to me, I'm ... more

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC

Lately, it smells disgusting when the metro stops at Jolicoeur.

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Lawrence East

Subway Station

Serving Scarborough, ON M1P 2R5
Wongsakorn Mike Kiattiburut

Useless associate!!! I went to buy a day pass and he directed me to the broken machine. No help or whatsoever.

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Subway Station

Jeanne-Mance St Montreal, QC
Ricai Tan

(Translated by Google) Very good The 350 upstairs is even better! (Original) 350

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Subway Station

1445 Guy St Montreal, QC H3H 2L5
Triton poly

(Translated by Google) lots of rats (Original) Beaucoup de rats

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC
Daniel Rooseboom

(Translated by Google) Metro very convenient for citizens (Original) Metro tres pratique pour les citoyens

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Subway Station

2218 Bloor St W Toronto, ON M6S 1N4
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Subway Station

15 Jane St Toronto, ON M6S 3Y3

Very unprofessional buses. The line up is really bad that I often see two 35 buses coming together like a connected train. It appears to me that they don't work for custo ... more

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Subway Station

819 Bathurst St Toronto, ON M5S 2R3
Luis antonio Flores

(Translated by Google) Very cool (Original) Muy padre

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Subway Station

1226 Islington Ave Etobicoke, ON M8X 1Y8
Sonya Singh

Impressed with the renovations.

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Finch Station

Subway Station

5600 Yonge St North York, ON M2N 5S2
Beer Opener Team

A bit sketch at times (especially at night) but its not the worst station

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Eglinton West

Subway Station

1300 Eglinton Ave E W North York, ON M3C 0C7

When it's not under construction, it's one of the nicest looking subway stations, in my opinion. Though, it's the ttc, its filthy

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Subway Station

Serving Toronto, ON
Petre Diaz

What use to be the northern terminus of the first subway line in Toronto is about to become a transfer station to line 5. This central island platform is very crowded at ... more

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Concorde Station

Subway Station

1200 Bd de la Concorde O Laval, QC

Some people working here really should not be working here or in the customer service area. I would never choose to go to the wicket if the ticket selling machines worked ... more

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Subway Station

1425 Cartier St Montreal, QC H2K 4C8
Sebastien Dallaire

(Translated by Google) The subway is dirty and has unpleasant odors. Unfortunately lots of homelessness and mental health issue. I don't feel very safe there. (Original) ... more

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Subway Station

Serving Montreal, QC H2X 1J5
Sylvain Mercier

(Translated by Google) I loved the experience. They were very warm because I was affected by a fire and they accepted my little dog without complication. I got great serv ... more

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York University

Subway Station

120 Ian MacDonald Blvd North York, ON
Ulfat S

If I do not know English and made a mistake, it does not mean that metro workers need to shout at me.... rude and unprofessional.