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Neat & Social Creative Solutions Logo

Neat & Social Creative Solutions

Marketing Agency

196 Osborne St Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Z3
Nikki D

Macy is kind and compassionate. She meets you where you are in your social media space and shows your small steps you can take to move forward.

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MAD Social Agency Logo

MAD Social Agency

Marketing Agency

136 Market Ave #520 Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P4
( 6 Reviews )
Nutech Digital Logo

Nutech Digital

Advertising Agency

1200 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg, MB R3T 2A7
Russell Heinrichs

Robb and his team have been amazing to deal with. Every time I have a challenge, they find a solution and provide top-notch customer service.

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Pan American Transport, Inc. Logo

Pan American Transport, Inc.

Shipping Company

2495 King Edward St Winnipeg, MB R2R 2W8

If they make a promise, it gets done.

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Partakam Express Limited Logo

Partakam Express Limited

Delivery Service

27 Madera Crescent Winnipeg, MB R2P 0C6
( 4 Reviews )
On The Way Couriers Logo

On The Way Couriers

Courier Service

175 Tennant Gate Winnipeg, MB R2P 1X1
Ranveer Brar

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

( 1 Reviews )
Heathers Bookkeeping Logo

Heathers Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Service

41 Southwell Rd Winnipeg, MB R2G 2X2
Michael Technician

Heather is awesome. Does a thorough job with your taxes and book keeping. Definitely goes the extra mile to make sure you get a great return and your books are perfectly ... more

( 1 Reviews )


Delivery Service

557 Ashworth St S Winnipeg, MB R2N 3J4
Jean Claude Rubezagi

Excellent delivery service. I'll recommend it.

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Arexcel Logo



6 East Gate Winnipeg, MB R3C 2C1
( 4 Reviews )
Winnipeg Central Post Office Logo

Winnipeg Central Post Office

Post Office

266 Graham Ave Winnipeg, MB R3C 3B2
Rasanjana Prince Pieris

Excellent customer service from Deb

( 132 Reviews )
World Financial Group Logo

World Financial Group

Corporate Office

1261 Main St Unit 2 Winnipeg, MB R2W 5G9
Tianna Bushie

Breanne and Dianalyn are amazing! They helped educate me about finances and the importance of building wealth while building a plan that was personalized to my goals and ... more

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Purolator Drop Box Logo

Purolator Drop Box

Delivery Service

123 Main St Winnipeg, MB R3C 1A3
( 14 Reviews )
Winnipeg Air Testing Logo

Winnipeg Air Testing


5 Donwood Dr Winnipeg, MB R2G 0V9
Chris Renaud

Worked with Doug and team for numerous years. Always great service, great prices and great information. I have emailed Doug on many occasions for insight and he is always ... more

( 17 Reviews )
Golden Lines Translation, Inc. Logo

Golden Lines Translation, Inc.


54 Millfield Dr Winnipeg, MB R2M 2P1
Mondli Thwala

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

( 2 Reviews )
Parlo Payroll Terminals & Punch Clocks Logo

Parlo Payroll Terminals & Punch Clocks

Business To Business Service

338 Avalon Rd Winnipeg, MB R2M 2L7
Beverly Maria

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

( 2 Reviews )
Midwest Immigration Services Inc. Logo

Midwest Immigration Services Inc.


152-1364 McPhillips St Winnipeg, MB R2X 2M4
Maribel Bosque

I had an excellent experience with Harpreet!I'd like to thank her for helping me for my tourist visa application.She is very knowledgeable and very passionate for what sh ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Sailors Group Ltd Logo

Sailors Group Ltd

Logistics Service

478 Goldenrod Drive Mailing:, 110 Water Ridge Path Winnipeg, MB R2R 0P8
Devinder Rai

Nice well managed company feeling proud to be a part of that company

( 3 Reviews )
Ricki's Home Office Logo

Ricki's Home Office

Corporate Office

1530 Gamble Pl Winnipeg, MB R3T 1N6
Regan Waller

Ricki's is an excellent stop if you are looking for professional attire. The fabrics are so comfortable, and wash great. They have amazing tights that are thick and a lot ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Working Warriors Logo

Working Warriors

Employment Agency

1475 Chevrier Blvd Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Y7
( 7 Reviews )
Livingston International Inc Logo

Livingston International Inc

Customs Broker

545 Hervo St Winnipeg, MB R3T 3L6
Karandeep Singh

Do not care about driver wait times on border. This is not the first time, expect to wait for 5-6 hours on the border even when you have sent the documents 8 hours prior. ... more

( 67 Reviews )
MPI test centre Logo

MPI test centre

Corporate Office

40 Lexington Park Winnipeg, MB R2G 1C2
( 3 Reviews )
Ace Graphics Logo

Ace Graphics

Print Shop

436 Novavista Dr Winnipeg, MB R2N 3V9
Brandt Pharmacy

We were a new business and looking for marketing stuff! Kamesh helped us a lot and provided very satisfactory products along with great customer service! Definitely recom ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Points West Technologies Ltd Logo

Points West Technologies Ltd

Distribution Service

60 De Baets St Winnipeg, MB R2J 3S9
Kyle N

Great products, great service. The only place I'll buy accessory lights.

( 9 Reviews )
BNI Accelerators Logo

BNI Accelerators

Business Networking Company

200 River Ave Winnipeg, MB R3L 0B2
Dave Kirkland

If you are looking at building your 2021 B2B relationships... Then look no further.

( 25 Reviews )
alpha@play Logo


3D Printing Service

1783 Portage Ave Main Floor Winnipeg, MB R3J 0E8
Shak Raj

The fil@ment brand filament is amazing! Alan was the guy I spoke to and was very kind and friendly! Definitely buying more filament in the future from this place. The pla ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Waterford Global Inc. Logo

Waterford Global Inc.

Executive Search Firm

201 Portage Ave 18th Floor Winnipeg, MB R3B 3K6
Kevin Bailey

I had the opportunity to work with Karen and Fred during a recent job transition. There professionalism and preparation were second to none. Without a doubt if I need a ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Boon Contracting Ltd Logo

Boon Contracting Ltd

Temp Agency

99 Scurfield Blvd Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1Y1
Rubbi G

Thanks to Boon I've found reliable jobs that fit my schedule perfectly.

( 1 Reviews )
The Manitoban Logo

The Manitoban

Newspaper Publisher

109 Helen Glass, University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
( 1 Reviews )
Jay R's Crosstown Express Inc. Logo

Jay R's Crosstown Express Inc.

Courier Service

2151 Portage Ave Unit B Winnipeg, MB R3G 0L4
( 9 Reviews )
Launch Coworking - Village | Winnipeg | Shared Workspace | Office Space | Meeting & Event Space Logo

Launch Coworking - Village | Winnipeg | Shared Workspace | Office Space | Meeting & Event Space

Coworking Space

130 Scott St Winnipeg, MB R3L 0K8
JamRock Security

Well managed and very functional. Good location. Used for 2 years now and really like it. Highly recommend.

( 2 Reviews )
Gosselin Health and Safety Consulting Logo

Gosselin Health and Safety Consulting

Occupational Safety And Health

Dr David Marsh Row Winnipeg, MB R3W 0K1
( 1 Reviews )
Gislason Targownik Peters Logo

Gislason Targownik Peters

Certified Public Accountant

625 Nairn Ave Winnipeg, MB R2L 0X4
Mike Meyers

Excellent Service and very friendly staff.

( 8 Reviews )
High Style Logo

High Style

Marketing Agency

2033 Portage Ave #200 Winnipeg, MB R3J 0K8
McCann's Building Movers Ltd

There customer service was amazing and the magazine we received was just as good. We would definitely use them again to do a promotional magazine.

( 3 Reviews )
Earnest Global (Nutrilite, Artistry, XS, Legacy Of Clean and more...) Logo

Earnest Global (Nutrilite, Artistry, XS, Legacy Of Clean and more...)

Distribution Service

62 Sabourin Pl Winnipeg, MB R3X 0A6
Cliff Parker

Nice place

( 11 Reviews )
Liddly Documentation Service Logo

Liddly Documentation Service


15 Broadridge Bay Winnipeg, MB R3Y 2B8
Emeka Nwaigbo

Very professional and service-oriented.

( 3 Reviews )
Buckboard Express Logo

Buckboard Express

Courier Service

1587 Brookside Blvd Winnipeg, MB R2R 1V6
chris kramp

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

( 3 Reviews )
HiGetUp Chinese Media 嗨起来传媒 Logo

HiGetUp Chinese Media 嗨起来传媒

Media Company

1002 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Z5
Chuan Li

(Translated by Google) A lot of entertainment information (Original)

( 1 Reviews )
Shivam Singla CPA Logo

Shivam Singla CPA

Chartered Accountant

47 Broadridge Bay Winnipeg, MB R3Y 2B8
( 17 Reviews )
R S Distribution Services Ltd Logo

R S Distribution Services Ltd

Distribution Service

175 Plymouth St Winnipeg, MB R2X 2T3
Garry Wait

A wonderful variety of different vehicle sizes to help with what you need moved & lots of warehouse space for your storage needs

( 15 Reviews )
Arctic Co-Operatives Limited Logo

Arctic Co-Operatives Limited

Corporate Office

1645 Rd 64 N Winnipeg, MB R2X 2W7
( 9 Reviews )
Univar Solutions: NexusBioAg Logo

Univar Solutions: NexusBioAg

Distribution Service

99 Lowson Cres Winnipeg, MB R3P 0T3
Steve Mcrae

great place

( 9 Reviews )



210, 1600 Kenaston Blvd Suite 329 Winnipeg, MB R3P 0Y4
William Quijada

Good team environment and fully remote work

( 7 Reviews )
Locher Evers International Logo

Locher Evers International

Freight Forwarding Service

115 Paramount Rd Winnipeg, MB R2X 2W6
Raith T

Shipping is awesome!

( 6 Reviews )
Login Logo


Distribution Service

300 Saulteaux Crescent Winnipeg, MB R3J 3T2

Wonderful people

( 6 Reviews )
Edgeland Clinic Logo

Edgeland Clinic

Corporate Office

2025 Corydon Ave Winnipeg, MB R3P 2G9
Victoria Weir

Dr. Kashalo is the kindest and most caring medical professional I've ever had the fortune to work with. I have never felt pressure to pursue any particular course of acti ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Indigenous Languages of Manitoba Logo

Indigenous Languages of Manitoba


119 Sutherland Ave Winnipeg, MB R2W 3C9
Merle Spence

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

( 2 Reviews )
Manage My Business Logo

Manage My Business

Business Management Consultant

327 Peguis St Winnipeg, MB R3W 1R2
Neetan Singla

Manpreet helped me file taxes and I got great refund. This guy definitely got in depth knowledge.

( 5 Reviews )
Lakeside Process Controls Ltd. Logo

Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.

Distribution Service

7 Sylvan Way Winnipeg, MB R2R 2B9
Ryan Forty

Very nice staff fast helpful

( 6 Reviews )
Video Pool Logo

Video Pool

Media Company

100 Arthur St Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3
Tina Mckay

Great resource for aspiring or seasoned film makers

( 4 Reviews )
Zantek Information Technology Logo

Zantek Information Technology

Corporate Office

467 Provencher Blvd #2 Winnipeg, MB R2J 0B8
Paul Provost

Ron and the Zantek team know their stuff and truly work for their clients best interests.